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Date: Sat, 23 Oct 2010 09:11:38 +0000
From: Josh Long
Subject: A Circle of Hazel Trees: Young But Not Too YoungA collection of short stories, each complete in itself, but linked to the
others by a common setting and interwoven events.Warning: these stories, all works of fiction and imagination, contain
graphic descriptions of sex between an adult male and teenage boys. If
reading such material is illegal in your state or country, or because of
your age, you are advised not to continue. For those who do continue, I
hope the time spent reading them is considered time enjoyably spent.
YOUNG, BUT NOT TOO YOUNGLate July, a Friday afternoon and the last full week of term, and David
Masters was supervising the year 7 boys through the showers after their
energetic games' lesson. Two days past his fortieth birthday, David would
normally have regarded this part of his job with some enthusiasm, but boys
of late twelve and very early thirteen held no interest for him. That
others liked their boys this age was something he was well aware of, but it
was a taste he did not subscribe to, not really understanding why anyone
should want a boy whose cock was still undeveloped and incapable of
spurting. Boys only became interesting for David when they had something
you could get a hand round, not just be able to use finger and thumb on,
and, very importantly, had something that spurted lovely, tasty cream into
your mouth when you were sucking them.For David, boys became interesting when they were about fourteen, desirable
when they were fifteen and passed beyond bothering with when hair ruined
their legs.He didn't ignore the boys as they noisily showered; of course he
didn't. They were boys after all, and he wasn't going to waste the chance
of checking out those who might provide possible, future, entertainment for
his eyes, and, maybe if he was really lucky, for more than just his
eyes. He regarded them with much the same attitude as a gardener might
regard young seedlings, trying to spot the ones that would develop into
something special.In David's eyes, this was a valid exercise, a sort of early weeding out. A
pretty face might hold promise, a slender body and long, coltish legs would
be worth noting down and watching as it developed; but sometimes the pretty
face and slender body was ruined by the lack of a foreskin, and foreskin
was very important to David. It was, he thought, so disappointing to mark a
boy down for bedding, pursue him and flirt with him and finally to get a
hand inside his underwear only to find he had been circumcised. He would
still bed the boy, naturally, enjoy his cream; but it was always so young teen loli nudists
nicer when that cream spurted from a well foreskinned cock, especially so
when that foreskin was long and tight. Yes, ok, it was a fetish, David was
happy with that; perhaps it was just a tiny bit kinky to like cocks of that
nature, but what the hell, everyone has their own particular fancies!David's eyes slid, with an almost professional interest, over slender
chests and slim, smooth thighs; noting those who's, as yet undeveloped and
hairless groins, showed something that might be worth following up in a
year or two.His slightly detached observation switched to one of active interest as a
boy casually made his naked way to the showers. Most of the boys dashed in,
conscious of their nudity, and covered themselves as quickly as possible
when they left; but this boy didn't. He casually shed his shirt, shorts and
underwear, ignored his towel, and sauntered into the shower room almost as
though he was flaunting his possessions.David's eyes widened and he drew in a slow, deep breath as he focussed on
the boy. If he was flaunting himself, then he had reason to do so. A
well-built boy, a little taller than most of his age group, and, unlike the
rest of his class, he had pubic hair; not much, but enough to draw
attention to what was below. A cock that had started to grow, to lengthen
and thicken into adolescence; a young lolita pussy panty
cock that hinted of at least four inches of
hardness; a cock that owned an ample foreskin and hung limply over balls
that had obviously dropped and were already producing the cream that David
so loved: and this on a boy of barely thirteen, a boy whose legs were
smooth as silk; a boy of an age that would not normally have interested
David.But David was interested, very interested, very interested indeed! He knew
this boy; he lived opposite David, in a small hamlet in rural, ancient
Wiltshire, which contained nothing else that was of an age to have any
appeal for a teen loving man. `Roy' was the boy's name, and Roy was a boy
David had already casually listed down as one he would need to watch as the
months went by. He'd only seen the boy clothed before, but now, after
seeing in some detail what the boy possessed, now he was determined to get
to know him better, not in the future, but now! Yes, he was young, but a
boy with a cock that spunked was not, as far as David lolita cp pussy preteen
was concerned, too
young! If he could hook, and reel in, a boy who at no more than a few weeks
past his thirteenth birthday, could feed him mouthfuls of protein, how much
pleasure would he get before hair grew on those already full thighs?Roy made his casual way to the showers, 13yr old lolita pics
crossing the changing room aware of
the eyes that followed him. Eyes always followed him when he went into the
showers, the eyes of other boys, full of both jealousy and admiration; eyes
that belonged to boys who wished their equipment was as well developed as
his. But there was another set of eyes fixed on him this time, Roy could
sense it; he could feel those eyes centre in on his centre as clearly as he
would have seen the red dot of a gun's laser sighter.He didn't turn his head to check early girls lolita bbs
on the location of those eyes, he didn't
need to. They felt different from the usual stares; no jealousy; admiration
yes, but a different admiration from that shown by twelve year old boys;
this was an admiration tinged with something else..........appreciation,
perhaps? Or something more than just appreciation, something like desire?Not being a shy boy, Roy had no qualms about being looked at, quite the
opposite, in fact. He deliberately shed all his clothes in the changing
rooms, with never any attempt to conceal the bits some other boys tried so
hard to prevent from appearing in public. He always made his way
unhurriedly to the showers so that the eyes that followed his progress had
plenty of time to observe and admire and he enjoyed the jealousy behind
those eyes. Roy was top dog in his class in terms of cock development, and
he relished the position. `Look as much as you want, and eat your hearts
out,' was his reaction to the looks that came the way of his naked body.Now there was this other type of look, a look that brought with it a degree
of interest, and, knowing exactly what he was doing, Roy paused and spoke
to another boy, turning a little as he did so, allowing those other eyes an
uninterrupted, full frontal view. He felt the look intensify, but still he
made no effort to send his own eyes on a search for the owner of the look,
he already knew who that was. No twelve year old would look at him like
that, so the looker must be the teacher, a man who lived near him and had
shown no apparent interest in his existence before this moment.`Like seein' me cock, though, don't you!' Roy thought to himself as he
turned again and lolitas underage models sites
headed into the showersHe dismissed the look and his thought as he laughed and teased with the
other boys under the warm spray, but the look was back again as he emerged
and made his way back to his towel and his clothes."Go on, then," Roy thought and turned to present his full glory to the
staring eyes, "Have a good gawk!"There was no immediate thought lolita preteen 10 yo
in Roy's mind that this would young beauty naked loli
lead to other
things, no suggestion that his cock was available for more than just
looking at, but having it looked at by a man did stir something within
him. He knew, without having to think about it, that the owner of the
staring eyes wanted more than just eye contact with his cock, but that
knowledge neither bothered nor excited him; it was interesting, slightly
amusing in a way, and probably something he'd think about later when he
next wanked, but for now it was just one of those things. Once he'd got his
clothes on, he promptly forgot about it.David didn't forget about it though, he was already trying to work out a
plan that would lead to having that well-developed, thirteen year old cock
creaming in his mouth.Young Roy had a bit of a reputation at school; he'd been caught smoking
more than once, and was known to be less than fully attentive in class, free innocent lolita vids
at all averse to telling his teachers exactly what they could do with
themselves, and this, as far as David was concerned, made young Roy very
interesting. If the boy was already into tobacco, there was a decent chance
he wouldn't reject the opportunity of indulging in alcohol, and if David
could get a few beers inside him there might be a very good chance he could
get a hand inside somewhere as well. All he needed was the opportunity.David was no novice when it came to getting inside boys' underwear, and his
strike rate was decently high. If he succeeded, then young Roy would preteen lolita posing pictures
be the
seventh to yield up his delights in the six years David had been teaching
at this school, plus one more, who was educated elsewhere. His high success
rate wasn't down to luck, it was more a matter of careful selection.Firstly, the boy had to appeal to him, and that wasn't just a matter of
good looks top list russian lolitas
or a decent body. True, a stunningly attractive boy would draw
his initial interest and there had been a lot of gorgeous lads who had sat
in his classes and had him wishing that they were sitting there naked, but
he'd known there was no future in attempting anything other than covert,
appreciative looks leading to imaginary appearances in later masturbation
fantasies. Giving boys practical sex education was not something he was
supposed to do, so however much his cock thought how nice it would be to
have a particular set of adolescent lips around it, those lips had to
belong to a boy whose character and behaviour held out hope that the
lip-owner would be happy to use them for cock sucking purposes and not for
telling parents or headmasters that Mr. Masters had attempted to seduce
him.This pre-condition ruled out a good three quarters naughty lolita model pics
of the boys who were
physically desirable, and for David that meant not overweight. Skinny was
okay, but not fat; looks mattered not at all -- David had enjoyed
delightful sex with more than one boy whose facial appearance would have
ruled him out of even the preliminary rounds in any boy beauty contest, but
whose flesh, from the neck downwards, would have stiffened the cock of any
right thinking adult teen lolitas in shower
male. It was a pre-condition, David knew, that had
meant a few boys had slipped through his net, but he was willing to accept
those losses as a reasonable cost for staying out of prison.Teenage boys tend to be pack animals, herding together for mutual
protection. A boy who is not part of a pack is prey, and the pack will rip
him to pieces; a boy who is not part of a pack is a boy who will be bullied
-- verbally, physically or both. Sometimes, such a boy will seek the
protection of a superior force, giving his body to a man in return for
apparent safety from the pack. lolitas illegal sex xxx
But free lolitas bbs ls
often in those cases, the pack will
circle, snarl from a distance and spread rumour, knowing that rumour will
be sufficient to destroy reputation, and that far from being safe in the
man's arms, both man and boy can be eaten alive.David avoided those boys.But there are other boys, boys who might run with the pack but are not part
of the pack, boys who use the pack as a cover, boys who command the pack's
respect. They are superior to the pack and the pack know it. They may be
bigger and stronger than any other pack member, they may have athletic
prowess that the pack respect and admire, they may have skills and
intelligence beyond the pack norm, but they do not flaunt their superiority
and they are not rejected by the pack, they are welcomed by it because when
such a boy is part of a pack, the pack feels stronger, superior.Those boys David did not avoid, those boys he sought, tracked, examined
and, if they seemed suitable, he hunted.Firstly, the boy had to be lolita panties spread legs
one who was obviously comfortable in the company
of a man. This didn't mean that the boy was panting after sex, just that he
was relaxed and able to regard an adult male as a member of the same
species; something that again eliminated a huge number of prospects, so
many teenagers regarding adults as no more than shades who inconveniently
occupied the same planet as themselves; as being the natural enemies of the
pack. Secondly the boy had to be one who was not confined into the
straitjacket of teenage peer behaviour; any boy who was so confined would
never be able to accept that he could have so much more fun with the
contents of his briefs or boxers than conventional teenage mores considered
acceptable. The boys David considered, examined and eventually pursued were
the boys whose attitudes and behaviour demonstrated that they were both
adventurous enough to be willing to `try anything once', and secure enough
with themselves to dismiss and forget anything they tried and decided that
once was enough.That happened from time to time and David's list of `scored boys' included
several who had given him a couple of hours of fun, but then, despite him
wanting more, declined repeat performances, deciding that, enjoyable as it
had been, it was not for them. In many such cases they had remained
friends, but not `friends with benefits'.These were boys who could go in and out of the pack at will.Young Roy seemed to tick all the relevant boxes, so the question was how to
get to know him enough to be sure that those ticks were real and that
pursuit and eventual seduction had a reasonable chance of success, and that
the risk of bringing the pack down in baying pursuit was minimal or nil.Whilst David was working this out, Roy was doing some thinking of his
own. With six older brothers, Roy had been aware from a very early age that
cock was not just for pissing with lolita bbs on mafiasex
and that older boys liked to give their
equipment some regular, nightly exercise. Not that any of his brothers had
made any attempt to introduce him to that particular form of recreational
activity, but, following the age old learning method of copying, Roy had
been dealing with his increasingly frequent erections for two or three
years and it was a form of exercise that gave him considerable and
consistent pleasure.Now, as he lay, naked as he always was when he went to bed, gently playing
with his ample foreskin, something he'd discovered long ago teased his cock
into an almost painful, pre-wanking hardness, he was recalling those
moments in the school showers that afternoon."He really did have a fuckin' young lolita girls nymphet
good stare," Roy thought to himself, and, as
his cock hardened, he added another thought, "Reckon he wanted to do more
than just stare at it." He switched from just playing with his foreskin to
using index finger and thumb to stimulate just the very tip of his now
solid cock, gripping only quite lightly, teasing his organ into demanding a
full fist grip and the inevitable, vigorous pounding that would
follow. "Reckon the fuckin' dirty cunt fancies me," and finding that
thought interesting, moved from finger tips to full hand, wanking furiously
to an orgasm caused, in his mind, not by his own pounding right hand, but
by a wide variety of activities visited on him by his near neighbour and
teacher.Even after his spunk had squirted and begun to make fresh stains to join
the already existing ones on his bed sheet, even in those post-orgasmic
moments when boys sometimes wonder if the wank fantasies they had just
indulged in were the sort of things they should think about, Roy had little lolita nude magazine
problems with the images that had been so vivid in his mind; vivid, but
just a little unfocussed because he had no practical experience on which to
construct them. Sex, for thirteen year old Roy, had been confined to the
very frequent wanks that he indulged in, and his hormone charged mind was
in no mood to make unnecessary distinctions as to the nature of alternative
methods of satisfying the demands of his already refilling balls. If there
was a chance that someone might do his wanking for him, then Roy was not
the slightest bit bothered that the someone was an adult male and not an
adolescent female. Sex was, after all, sex, and Roy wanted sex!Roy's problem was now a simple one, how to get his teacher's hand on his
cock? No worries about the legality, and certainly none about the morality;
there was a chance of some real sex and Roy was gagging for real sex.And so, while David Masters was trying to work out how he could, without
exciting suspicion, get to do his vital background research, to find out
more about the boy's personality and decide if it would be safe to proceed
with a programme of calculated seduction leading to a removal of the boy's
underwear, Roy was thinking about how he could create a situation whereby
his underwear could be removed.Even the horniest thirteen year old knows that he couldn't just go up to a
teacher, drop his school trousers and say, "I know you want it, so go ahead
and have it," so Roy needed a plan that would make it obvious he was up for
sex and all that his teacher needed to do was organise the time and
place. The answer was blindingly simple and obvious, all he pre teen lola bbs
had to do was
`accidentally' bump into him a few times, let himself be found wandering
around in the woods around his teacher's house; that should do it. They'd
talk, sex would be suggested and agreed to. The precise details of how that
would happen were not relevant. His teacher fancied Roy's cock, Roy was
happy to let his teacher have his cock; no problem! Roy slipped off into
blissful sleep, cupping his balls and secure in the certainty that, in the
very near future, it would not be his hand that was lolita and nudes models
cupping those very
active sperm makers.It was hot, too hot to be practical for any of the formal gardening that
needed doing, but ideal for casually wandering around the two acres of
woodland that adjoined his house. David's was the only property in the
hamlet that was so blessed, the other cottages having once been labourers'
dwellings, each with its own smallish rectangle of garden intended for the
growing of vegetables to supply the families' tables. He liked his bit of
woodland, it was his own private place, though it was unfenced and, from
time to time, used as a playground by whatever children happened to be
around.One spot in particular he liked most; a circle of hazel trees, too regular
to have grown by accident and too random for tiny girls pretty lolitas
David, or any of the other
locals, to have the remotest idea why it was there. There were stories, as
there always are in rural settlements, and this little circle of trees
enclosing, not rough scrub as might have been expected, but an almost lawn
like area of low grass, so low it was almost as though sheep grazed on it,
except that there were no sheep, was known locally as `The Witches
Coven'. It was deep in the middle of his patch of woodland, almost
surrounded by a painful barrier of bramble, blackthorn and hawthorn, the
only wound free approach being a rough path from his house. Because of its
natural barrier and because of its name (and therefore the probability in
young minds that it was haunted) and because the path was visible from
David's lounge windows, local children never ventured there and it was very
much a private place. Whether it had ever been the location of satanic or
any other rituals was something for the individual imagination, but it had,
since David had bought the place, been the site of copulation with a fair
number of boys. It never ceased to amaze David that a boy, who would
stoutly defend his anal virtue inside a comfortable house, would surrender
it almost recklessly in the al fresco setting of The Witches Coven.Perhaps, David fantasised as he made his way along the path, coolbox in
hand, full of chilled beer, plus half a bottle of something a bit stronger,
that was the real secret of the place; that, long ago, it had been the
location of some long forgotten fertility rites and that the old magic of
invocated sex still lingered there. Whatever the truth, it was certainly a
place where David liked to shed his clothes and masturbate to the dreams of
naked boys, as well as take real boys there to fuck.He stopped a few paces away from the opening in the hazels, staring in
surprise. His secret place was not secret; it contained a boy and not a boy
that David had brought there! And not just any boy, but the boy who's well
formed thirteen year old genitalia he had so avidly devoured with his eyes
in the showers yesterday! And the boy, if not naked this time, was
certainly half way there, his discarded shirt leaving his upper half open
to David's instantly lascivious gaze."Roy," he almost gasped, "What the fuck are you doing here?""Just havin' a wander through the woods; thought this'd be a good place to
have a sit down," Roy smiled cheekily, noting with satisfaction that the
man's eyes were gazing at his nipples with as much avid attention as little nonnude preteen lolitas
own eyes would have stared at a girl's tits."Don't mind, do you?""No," David said, his eyes still glued to the two brown nubs, "No, I don't
mind at all. Just wondered how you got here without me seeing you.""Dunno; praps you weren't lookin'.""No, perhaps I wasn't," David agreed, going into the circle of trees and
putting his coolbox on the grass floor."You ain't got any drink in there, have you?" Roy asked hopefully, "Me
mouth's drier than a newest preteen lolita sites
witch's tit."Stage one of David's research was completed; Roy's reaction to his arrival
was enough to satisfy him that procedure to pre-seduction status was safe."Only got beer, I'm afraid, and you might be a bit young for that," he said
as casually as he could."Fuck off!" Roy snorted, "No way!""I see," David mused, "And I suppose you're going to tell me you're not too
young for a fag to go with it?""You got fags as well? Wicked!" Roy chortled and moved from sitting to
lying on the soft, mossy grass, shifting a bit when David sat so the view
he was presenting wasn't spoiled in any way.The first can safely necked and the first cigarette finished, Roy was
wondering why things weren't going to plan. They were now both lying on the
grass, close, but not too close, russian lolitta pussy freesite
and although David's eyes had spent lots
of time admiring the naked chest near him, and even more than one attempt
to see if there was any discernable bulge in Roy's jeans, he had said and
done nothing that could even remotely be associated with sex. That was not
how it should have been, not at all how it had been in Roy's
imagination. Here he was, alone and half naked with a guy who he was
certain wanted his cock, and nothing had happened; surely some move on him
should have been made by now? What the fuck was he supposed to do?"Fuckin' hot, init," he said, "Fuckin' boilin' in these jeans." He didn't
know why he said it; the words had just come into his mind and out of his
mouth.It was just the sort of moment ls lolitas ls flash
David had been wondering how he could
engineer, a chance to move their inconsequential chat into a more definite
area."Should have worn shorts," he grinned, "Let your legs get a bit of air.""An' got me skin ripped off gettin' through all them fuckin' brambles," Roy
responded. "Fuckin' lovely!""No brambles in here," David pointed out, "Just nice, comfortable grass.""Yeh, an' like I'm wearin' shorts under me jeans," Roy snorted back."I don't mind if you want to drink beer in your boxers," David suggested,
"Won't bother me."`Bet it fuckin' wouldn't,' Roy thought, and then realised this might
actually be the beginning of the move he had been hoping for."Briefs, not boxers," Roy told him."Whatever;" David paused, let a moment's silence hang in the air, before
adding, "Though how you can wear briefs in this weather beats me. You must
have boiled balls.""Fuckin' right!" Roy confirmed."But feel free if you want to get those jeans off and give your legs a
chance to breathe. Makes no odds to me, they're your legs, not mine."This, Roy thought, was a bit better, he had a perfect excuse lolita with tiny nymphet
to get his
jeans off; now all he needed was something to make the next step happen and
his briefs to go as well so the guy could get at his cock. `Please,' Roy
prayed silently, `Please let him go for my cock! I want my cock dealt with,
I want him to make me spunk!'It was imagination, of course, it was his heart pounding at the possibility
of the sex he so craved for, but Roy could have sworn he felt the ground
under him move ever so slightly as he made a condition he knew would be
agreed to;"Yeh, okay, but only if I can have another beer."`You can have as many beers as you want if it means I can get at that
cock,' David thought; he thought it, but he said,"Feel free, help yourself;" and the ground moved for him as well as his
heartbeat increased.Roy prised himself from the ground, helped himself to a beer from the
coolbox, carefully opened it, took a deep swig and then, facing David,
unbuckled his belt, undid the button on his jeans, slid down the zip, eased
down his jeans and stepped carefully out of them, making it as close to a
strip tease as he knew how. He posed for just a second before returning to
the ground, lying just as close as he had been before.David's eyes never left the boy's groin, noting the distinct swelling
inside his black briefs. The boy wasn't hard, but he certainly was not in a
fully flaccid state either.`Oh, I want that cock!' David thought, his heart pounding now; `I really,
really want that cock!'And again lolita models nude pix
his blood thumped hard enough to make it feel as though it was
the earth, not his heart, that was thumping.But instead of reaching for the boy's groin, he reached for the last beer
instead."Give us a fag," Roy demanded.David extended the packet, but Roy shook his head;"I said give us one," and he held up his hand, holding his beer can to
indicate that he couldn't take one for himself.David sighed, extracted a cigarette and held it out towards the boy, who
promptly opened his mouth for David to put it in.Sighing again, David leaned forward, holding the cigarette just above the
filter tip, leaned forward so he could reach the boy's mouth and went to
drop it on the extended tongue.Before he could let it go, Roy's mouth closed, lips round David's cigarette
holding finger and thumb and slowly sucked it from his grip, before moving
his head slowly back and sliding his still lightly closed lips from David's
finger.It was incredibly sensual, and, had it been done by someone other than a
thirteen year old boy, David would instantly have taken it as a sexual
suggestion, but, since the subject of sex hadn't been raised the whole time
they had been in the hazel circle, David took it as simply the act of a now
less than sober boy. nude lolita dark collection
`He must know what he's doing,' David thought, and
stared again at the boy's briefs, now longing to get inside them."Ta," Roy said and waited for David to light his cigarette for him."We're out of beers now, an' I'll have to go home soon," Roy said as he put
his now empty can on the grass."True," David agreed, "But there is this." He had no desire for the almost
naked boy to leave now, so he reached into the cool box and pulled out a
half full bottle of peach brandy. "What is it?" the boy asked, holding out his hand for the bottle.David passed it to him and Roy promptly uncorked it, sniffed it and lifted
it to his lips."Neat," he pronounced after taking a sip, and then followed the sip with a
healthy gulp."Well neat," he amended and lay back, the sunlight filtering through the
hazels, making what David thought very attractive patterns on his almost
naked body."Doing things like that could get you into trouble," David said, softly."Like what?"David waited until Roy had finished his cigarette, then held out another,
just as he had done before, and Roy took it just as he had done before;
again David's finger was sucked sensuously."Like that," he almost whispered."What sorta trouble?" the boy's voice was as low as David's."This sort of trouble," David, putting aside all the demands of being
sensible, ignoring all the risks associated with his action, reached out
his hand again, not with a cigarette for the boy's mouth this time, but
daringly and dangerously, directly onto the boy's briefs covered groin. If
he'd misread the signals, the boy would object, verbally or violently, but
instead of any objection, the boy took another swig of peach brandy, and
said,"Probably won't get nothin' out of it; had free sexy lolita pictures
too much booze."Through the thin cotton of his briefs, David could feel the boy starting to
stir, and, in the absence of any objections, pressed his hand against lolita sex pic kid
rising within."I don't know," he said, "There seems to be signs of life."Roy giggled and rolled onto his back, which David took as an invitation to
squeeze the developing hardness. Roy said nothing, simply closing his eyes
and waiting for the worst to happen. When the worst, or perhaps the best so
far, did happen and David's hand worked its way inside, down into his
briefs and grasped the now rampant flesh within, he opened his eyes again,
looked directly into David face and said,"Took you fuckin' long enough!"He moved again, sitting up and feverishly plunging his hand up the leg of
David's shorts and, finding no underwear to restrict him, pulling David's
almost as solid thick, six inches out into the air. They didn't stay in the
air for long, the boy going straight down and taking them in his mouth.David gasped, in sudden shock and delight at the feel of those full,
thirteen year old lips suckling him, a gasp non naked lolita pictures
that turned into a moan of
pleasure as it became obvious that the boy had no intention of making this
a quick taste. His hand tightened round the boy rod he was holding,
relishing the velvet slide of skin around the rigidity beneath."Thought you had to go home," he muttered when his brain came back enough
for him to russian lolita naked model
mutter."Lied," the boy grunted, taking his mouth from David's cock only long
enough to grunt.David eased the boy away, not because he wanted to stop him but because he
wanted, needed, to remove his briefs and deal with the boy properly.Before he could do so, Roy beat him to it, almost ripping his briefs off in
his eagerness to be naked for David to get at him properly. Without
hesitation, David tore off his own shorts as well. The moment all
unnecessary clothing was removed Roy returned his mouth to where it had
been."You done this before?" David croaked and the boy paused in his oral
administrations just long enough to say, "No."It took only a few shifts in body position before David was able to swallow
the four and a bit boy inches that so demanded his own oral attention and a
frantic few loli rompl kds galleries
minutes of mutual fellatio followed before Roy pulled away and
changed position again, presenting his rear to David in an obvious
invitation, begging for him to enter.Lust overcame logic, and although David knew there was no way his thick
adult cock could penetrate an unopened, dry, virgin, thirteen year old
hole, he still presented his rod to the boy's pleading entrance.To his amazement he felt the boy's sphinctre begin to yield, its hot lips
parting to admit the tip of his prick. The sensation was indescribable;
he'd fucked boys before, of course he had, he'd fucked five here, on this
very grass in the circle of hazel trees, and fucked them all underage preteen lolita naked
many times
more than once, but never had a boy opened so easily, young black lolita angels
and opened with no
preparation. He knew that, somehow, he could push on, slide his hard cock
deep nude french lolita pictures
inside the boy's tunnel and do so with no resistance, no pain, but Roy
stopped him."Not all the way," he croaked, his voice thick with the same lust as prelolitas 12 y o
"Just in and out like it is now. It fuckin' feels amazin'."Somehow David obeyed, stopping himself from thrusting all the way inside
the boy's hot, begging to be fucked bowels, making himself give the boy no
more than the tip of his sword and knowing that the boy under him was
fighting the urge to push himself deeper, holding back on his desire to
have the entire weapon sheathed inside him.He wanted to be fucked, he so, so wanted to be fucked, to have that thick
cock inside him, pumping its life creating spunk deep into his insides, but
something was telling him `not this time, this time you must worship his
cock with your mouth, eat his sperms, just as he will worship your cock and
eat your spunk; and you must do it together.'Moments, minutes, ages later, Roy rolled away, onto his back, his arms
reaching for the man, pulling him back down on top of him, gluing their
mouths together and sending his tongue in search of adult tonsils. David
responded, sending his own tongue on an exploration of the boy's mouth,
finding his tongue to twist and dance with while their hands forced
themselves between their close pressed bodies to seek and grasp hot, hard
tubes of lust.Breaking the deep, blood-boiling kiss, David turned and swung his legs over
the boy so he could drive his cock into the mouth that opened to receive it
while his own head went down so he could engulf the four and a bit inches
of boy he now craved with a desire that was almost frightening in its
intensity.He drove his own cock down, feeling it go deep into the boy's mouth,
feeling the tightness as it went into his throat; incredibly this boy who
claimed to have never had cock before was deep throating him as though it
was something he did every day. Knowing, russian preteeen lolita bbs
and not knowing why he knew, that
no restraint was needed, David thrust hard and deep into the boy's throat,
and as he did so, the boy thrust upwards with his own hips until both man
and boy had lips pressed against their pubes, the entirety of their love
rods in the hot, wet heaven of cock adoring mouths.This was no gentle sucking where the mouth is used to pleasure cock, no
oral admiration of the shaft of joy, no tongue searching for balls to bathe
or perineum to stimulate; this was simple, mutual face fucking of an
intensity that David had never experienced nor the boy even knew was
possible."Cumming," David gasped, expecting the boy to pull off, to not want in
this, his first ever encounter, to have his mouth filled with hot spunk,
but instead of taking his mouth from David's cock, he sucked in his cheeks
so that David was held fast and his prick exploded in its hot, wet prison,
jetting spunk down the boy's throat and filling his mouth with what could
not be instantly swallowed.David's body went limp, shuddering in post-orgasmic release, but his mouth
stayed full of thrusting boy cock, and, knowing his own orgasm, and this
violent, uninhibited, cock worshiping union, would not be truly complete
until the boy had, in turn, filled mouth with sperm, he forced himself to
work with the boy, meeting Roy's upwards thrusts with downward ones of his
head until the boy's body stiffened, his legs went rigid and his cock fired
its teenage canon blasts of hot cream."Fuckin' awesome," Roy breathed as David went in search of his cigarettes
and lighter."Sorry about angels list model lolitas
almost fucking you," David apologised when he'd slipped a
cigarette between lips that still had traces of spunk around them."Nah, that's okay," Roy croaked, his throat sore from swallowing David's
cock, "I dunno why, but somethin' made me stop you goin' slave lolita preteen site
all the way in. I
guess I just wanted you to spunk in me mouth this time.""Did it hurt?" David was concerned; fucking boys was good, hurting them
wasn't."Nah," a pause, "Should it have?"David was at a loss, a cock as thick as his going even just a fraction
inside an unprepared, unlubed, virgin hole, should have been screamingly
painful, but he could have gone all the way in, balls deep, and the boy
would have just opened to welcome him."I hadn't even rimmed or fingered you," David tried to explain, then made
something of a joke of it, adding, "Arses might be designed for fucking,
but they usually need to be coaxed into opening up first."Roy shrugged, the complexities of man-boy fucking were of no concern or
interest."Better do that next time," he said."Next time?""School holidays soon, an' this is a good place to chill," Roy looked at
the ground, crushed his cigarette stub on the grass and then looked up, a
big smile on his face; "Spect you'll find me here most afternoons if the
weather's decent.""It is a good place to chill," David agreed." He thought for a moment, drew
in a breath and confessed, "I often come down here for a beer and a wank.""Bring the beer in case I'm here," Roy grinned, "An' if I am, you won't
need to wank.""No, I guess I won't," David agreed and they both grinned pt links lolita bbs
as lollitas models 15 years
the sunlight
filtered through the leaves onto their naked bodies."There's something strange about this place, don't you think?" David asked,
his eyes searching the circle of hazel trees."Like what?""I don't know, just something." David struggled to say what he felt, what
he always felt when he came here. "Like there's no insects or things. We
should get bitten to death and have ants crawling all over us, but there's
nothing. Don't even get birds in these trees for some reason.""Don't think you'd fancy a bird," Roy sniggered."Too right," David grinned, "Not when there's something like you as an
alternative." He reached for Roy's now soft, and because it natural lolitas sexy preteens
was soft, so
attractive young prick.Roy sighed as hand found his treasures and fondled them softly."Really won't get nothin' out of it now," he grinned."No, but it's nice just as it is." And that was true; playing with a boy's
softness was a relaxing comfort in itself, it didn't have to be a prelude
to hardness."Help yourself," Roy shrugged, "It certainly ain't objecting." He settled
back on the insect free, soft mossy grass and closed his eyes while David
fondled his balls, a fondling that had nothing to do with sex but
everything to do with admiration and worship of his most treasured
possessions.A hint of breeze stirred the leaves around them and a shaft of sunlight
landed on Roy's adored groin."You're right though," he said with his eyes still shut, "There is
somethin' odd about this place. When I got in here I felt so amazingly
horny. If you hadn't showed up I was gonna strip an' wank an' spunk on the
grass.""I know what you mean," David agreed, almost reverently, lolita nude porn pictures
"It gets me like
that as well; that's why I lolita 12 year hardcore
often come here to wank." And why I bring boys
here to fuck, he thought, but did not say."Strange, init," Roy found himself confessing, "I knew you fancied me from
the moment I saw you lookin' at lolitas pre teens naked
me in the showers," he paused, opened his
eyes; "Give us another fag." Cigarette lit, he continued, eyes still open,
"I was tryin' to work out how I could make it so you'd do somethin' an' I
got the idea of lettin' you lolitas teen girls net
find me in the woods. Then I found this place
an' soon as I got in here I just wanted to spunk.""And I was trying to work out a way of getting to know you well enough to
see if I was in with a chance of being able to seduce you," David confessed
as well."More like me havin' to seduce you," Roy snorted, "Suckin' those fags off
yer fingers!" "Dunno why I did it," Roy tried to think it through. "I just knew when I
thought about the way you looked at me in the showers that I wanted you to
do more than look, an' when I got in here I felt so fuckin' horny. Then
when you showed up I knew I had to have sex, an' have it here an' now. No
fuckin' messin', I wanted it!" He took a breath, looked at David, his eyes
begging that the man who had sucked him would understand; "I wanted cock."David was silent, waiting for the boy to continue."An' when you didn't do nothin' didn't even make a fuckin' hint you wanted
it, I had to do somethin'. I thought about just strippin' and sayin' `if
you want it here it is,' but that didn't seem right. So I made up that crap
about bein' hot an' thank fuck you took the hint, and once me jeans was
off, suckin' yer finger got you goin'.""Certainly did," David agreed, "There was no way your cock was staying
untouched after that!""Fuckin' good job!" Roy sniggered, "I was gaggin' for sex;" he paused and
then sniggered again, "As you may have noticed once you'd finally got yer
hand on me cock!""Got me hand on your cock now," David pointed out."Yeh, an' you can have it there as much as you want; I love it.""Girls?" David asked gently. He didn't need to elaborate, to enquire in
detail if Roy's interests might really be in that direction."Probably," Roy agreed, "I'll fuck `em if I gets the chance; but this is
different, special somehow; especially here.""Probably why there's no birds in the trees," David grinned."Yeh," Roy said softly, and without knowing why, added, "This is a place
for cock."He reached out for his briefs and jeans, found them and stood to replace
them on his sun dappled body."See you here tomorrow?" he asked."If it's not raining.""An' you can do all that other stuff an' then fuck me.""Big thing, Roy, being litle girl fun lolita
fucked.""Big thing gonna fuck me," Roy grinned; "But suck me off first an' eat me
spunk.""Evert drop you can produce," David whispered, "Every single drop that
beautiful cock can produce.""Deal," Roy sniggered, "Days I come here I won't wank, so there's loads for
you.""Deal," David echoed."Praps I should always come here when I need a wank," Roy said softly,
"It's young lolita porn sites
a place for wankin'.""It is," David agreed, "I even come down here to wank in the cold and rain,
spunk on the grass. Don't know why."Man and boy left the circle of hazel trees together, the boy's head hardly
reaching the shoulder he leaned it against.Deep below the grass two roughly carved stone figures, one larger by a
crude head than the other, but each with a rampant, outsize phallus,
settled back into their earth bed, blanketed by the intertwined roots of
the hazels above. They would wait till they were needed once more, be that
in a day's time or a century's -- time has no meaning for a carved piece
of stone.Hope you enjoyed it, joshcockhotmail.com

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